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NH Health Care Month

By Roxie Severance | February 20, 2019

What is New Hampshire Health Care Month?

The goal of New Hampshire Health Care Month is to generate interest in careers in health care and to inspire the next generation of health care professionals. Middle and high school students are invited to tour various health care companies and organizations throughout the state. School faculty is encouraged to invite health care companies to come to their schools to conduct presentations about careers in health care.

For students: During NH Health Care Month visits, students will have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at day-to-day operations, interact with employees to hear about their career pathways and learn about a day in the life of health care professionals. Additionally, they will broaden their knowledge of what other career opportunities support health care operations and management.

For educators: Various programs within the Community College System of New Hampshire will offer tours or open house activities for students and their families throughout the month. The schools will have the opportunity to show off their programs and facilities.

For companies and organizations: Health Care Month is an opportunity for health care professionals to share their passion for what they do. Potential employers can introduce students to the possibilities of a career in health care while developing a pool of potential candidates for a future skilled workforce. NH’s struggle to meet labor market demands is well documented. Our schools are working to support students’ career and college readiness needs.

Your commitment: Our goal is for this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone! We’re flexible and will work with your schedule, but do require that participants work within the time frame of the school day and its transportation.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, February 20.

Once registrations are received, the Sector Partnerships Initiative will schedule the industry tour(s) and provide an email introduction to the main contact at the facilities that you are partnered with for NH Health Care Month activities.

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