In addition to traditional tech companies, virtually every industry has technology-based occupations. New Hampshire’s technology sector is rapidly growing with more than 26,000 workers and an average of 2,000 vacant positions each year. SPI is critical to ensuring that New Hampshire has sufficient human capital to fulfill workforce needs in a sector that is expected to grow more than 10% in the next five years.

Meet the technology sector champions

Spanning different areas of the technology industry, the technology sector champions understand the unique needs of many different types of tech companies. From creative recruiting to upskill programs, their experience being part of – and leading – technology teams is an invaluable resource in determining what your company might need, and what it could look like to get there.

Rick Dupuis

Senior Systems Administrator
Mainstay Technologies
Rick Dupuis Bio

David Lemaire

Sr. Director of Technology Ops.
David Lemaire Bio

Derek Barka

Sr. Director of Technology
Derek Barka Bio


Let SPI help you fund your technology workforce training programs

If you have identified needs that your current training process is unable to meet, or you need your existing team to learn new skills, NH SPI could be a great partner for you. Drawing from the many existing workforce training programs, the NH SPI team will coordinate your needs with state and federal grant funding and resources to create flexible, consistent, and cost-effective solutions.

The team of technology industry and workforce development professionals at SPI understand the funding and resources available that support training programs that matter to technology employers.

Federal funding sources and incentives

  • Department of Labor Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Funds
  • Department of Labor Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult and Dislocated Worker Funds
  • Office of Workforce Opportunity: NH Job Training Fund
    • Company benefits: tuition reimbursement (further information from individual companies)
  • Department of Labor National Dislocated Worker Grants
  • Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant

 State and local funding sources and incentives

  • NH Department of Education: English Language Learner Training for Employers
  • NH Charitable Foundation: The Medallion Fund
  • NH Employment Security: Return to Work Program
  • Community College System of NH: WorkReadyNH Program
  • NHWorks: On The Job Training Program
  • Community College System of NH: ApprenticeshipNH Program
  • NH Community Development Finance Authority: Block Grant Program
  • MY TURN Inc.: Youth Training Program
  • US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program

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