What is a NH SPI sector advisor?

Sector consultants whose services are complementary to businesses

NH SPI sector advisors are business leaders, colleagues, neighbors, and officials from your community in place to help connect businesses and build the critical partnerships necessary to develop training programs and other workforce services. They’re efficient, with the goal of helping you and your industry develop cost-effective training solutions to address current workforce shortages and gaps.


Joshua Reap
Joshua Reap
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Health Care

Roxie Severance
Roxie Severance
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Amie Pariseau
Amie Pariseau
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Eric Basta
Eric Basta
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Julie Demers
Julie Demers
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Meet the SPI team

Phil Przybyszewski

Phil Przybyszewski | Workforce Solutions Project Director, Community College System of NH

Phil serves as the workforce solutions project director at the Community College System of New Hampshire. In October 2015 he assumed the project leadership role for NH Sector Partnership Initiative. He also represents CCSNH on the NH Job Training Fund Committee. Prior to this he served as the project coordinator managing and overseeing the implementation of all aspects of the TAACCCT grant. This included working with industry representatives and the local education community to develop and implement effective academic and curriculum offerings supporting career pathways in advanced manufacturing.

Phil has a BBA in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst along with more than 40 years of experience in industry. Many of those years were working for or consulting with manufacturing companies throughout the United States. He has a strong combination of skills in marketing, sales, business management, financial management, automation systems, technical project management, and strategic relationships. His role within NH SPI is to direct and support the SPI advisors.


Michael Power

Michael Power | Community Outreach Administrator, Office of Workforce Opportunity

Michael Power has been with the Office of Workforce Opportunity since 2001. He has served a number of elected officials, including governors, congressmen and a U.S. Senator. He also administers the state’s Job Training Fund, and was staff director of a task force to obtain New Hampshire’s Job Corps Center.