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New $250,000 Grant Creates Opportunity for New Hampshire Workers

By NH Sector Partnerships | July 5, 2018

A New Partnership Between the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Offers $250,000 for Educational and Career Opportunities

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation big check photo

At the announcement to unveil the NH Charitable Foundation and Eastern Bank Charitable Foundations’ new workforce-training partnership are, from left: Joseph Reilly, former New Hampshire regional president, Eastern Bank; Paul Spiess, board of directors, Eastern Bank; Katie Merrow, vice president of community impact, NH Charitable Foundation; Bob Rivers, chair and CEO, Eastern Bank; and Dick Ober, president and CEO, NH Charitable Foundation.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (Foundation) and the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation recently announced a new partnership that will enable hundreds of New Hampshire residents to move into more skilled, higher-paying jobs.

Eastern Bank’s $250,000 grant and matching funds provided from donors will enable the Foundation to nearly double the number of scholarships it awards to individuals seeking additional opportunities. The scholarships will be administered through the Foundation’s Medallion Fund, which is dedicated to providing training programs for individuals not pursuing four-year degrees.

“The new partnership between the Foundation and the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation offers scholarships to New Hampshire residents who are critical to the health of New Hampshire’s economy,” said Phil Przybyszewski, sector project director for the New Hampshire Sector Partnerships Initiative (SPI). “New Hampshire depends on its residents to meet workforce challenges and this partnership can help train and move individuals into those hard-to-fill, skilled positions. SPI works to help address New Hampshire’s workforce challenges through training programs and this news gets us one step closer to reaching our goal of helping companies fill their workforce pipelines. This is another way organizations are demonstrating a dedication to New Hampshire’s people and to preserving the vitality of our state.”

How $250,000 in funding will help build NH’s workforce

The new grant and partnership funding helps employers by providing them with employee candidates who have the necessary skills to fill open positions. Individuals who are pursuing careers in the traditional trades, advanced manufacturing, financial services, health care and information technology are eligible to receive these scholarships. SPI seeks to identify shared workforce challenges and connect companies with programs to help meet and address those challenges. The Medallion Fund is one of the resources that help employers and job seekers find and connect with appropriate training support venues.

“These new resources will increase opportunities and provide economic security for new Americans and other New Hampshire residents who haven’t had access to the education and training they need to thrive in their career and will build the workforce pipeline for New Hampshire employers,” said Katie Merrow, vice president, community impact for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. “Increasing access to education and workforce training for our young people and their parents is a critical part of our New Hampshire Tomorrow youth opportunity initiative. The scholarships will help the goal of 65 by 25 – a statewide initiative that aims to have 65% of working-age adults with an industry-valued credential or degree by 2025 – to strengthen our economy and our communities.”

Dedicated partners

The funding from Eastern Bank, also called the New Hampshire Tomorrow Eastern Bank Foundation Fund, is dedicated to supporting those who may face opportunity challenges. New citizens, refugees, those facing financial challenges and first-generation college students, some of target demographics of SPI, and are included in those who are eligible. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is continuing to raise funds toward a 100% match of Eastern Bank’s grant to continue to increase the number of scholarships available.

Improving New Hampshire workforce

Throughout New Hampshire, workforce resources are becoming more readily available and individuals are seeking new opportunities to pursue. The new grant and partnership is one resource that helps both individuals and companies work to meet their workforce goals. SPI is a resource that companies can use to meet their workforce needs, and the new scholarship fund helps individuals become the skilled workers companies are looking for.

To find out how you can be part of New Hampshire’s continued economic success, get involved with SPI or learn about training opportunities by visiting the industries page.