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New Hampshire Hospitality Month

By Web Administrator | June 15, 2020

From bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, from diners to fine dining, from campgrounds to ski resorts and everything in between, the hospitality industry has something for everyone. The opportunities are endless and it’s a career which offers many benefits.

April was to mark the third annual New Hampshire Hospitality Month. Middle school and high school students were to have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at day-to-day operations, interact with employees to hear about their career pathway, and learn about being a cook or front office manager as well as broaden their scope of what other career opportunities the industry has to offer including: web design, social media marketing, accounting, landscaping, event management, and more!

Due to COVID-19, New Hampshire Hospitality Month 2020 is virtual. The NHLRA created a Virtual New Hampshire Hospitality Month playlist on YouTube. Content is being updated often and features a tour from 2019, cooking demos, and more. Visit NH also has Virtual Experiences in New Hampshire.

The hospitality industry looks forward to opening its doors to New Hampshire’s students soon so students like Kayleigh can see the career pathways to be the next generation of the industry.

“Late last spring, I was looking for a summer job and I went to Lake Opechee Inn & Spa to see if they were hiring. I mentioned I toured there during the Belmont High School Hospitality Day field trip and they offered me a job on the spot! This was my first job and I worked all summer! I ended the season feeling great as my co-workers told me I did a good job. It was really helpful to gain this work experience, but also the experience of trying something new. When I went on the field trip I never thought about going into Hospitality, but I am so glad I did because now I am really interested in this career path!”- Kayleigh, Belmont High School

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