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New Hampshire’s First Annual Health Care Month Filled With Activities Showcasing Workforce Opportunities

By Roxie Severance | May 21, 2018

NH Health Care Month Seeks to Encourage Students to Find Passions in the Health Care Field

May is the New Hampshire Health Care Association’s (NHHCA) first Annual NH Health Care Month.

New Hampshire Health Care Month is intended to generate interest in the high-demand health care careers in New Hampshire. Throughout the month, middle and high school students are being invited to tour hospitals, residential care facilities, home care agencies, skilled nursing centers and physician practices, among other health care facilities.

Hands-on experience

The event is providing students with opportunities to see real health care work environments. They are learning what a day in the life of a health care employee looks like. Through these activities, we hope to inspire the next generation of nurses, doctors, medical assistants, physical therapists and physician’s assistants. By providing students with the opportunity to explore these career paths, we can capture their attention at a young age and expose them to the diverse range of career options that make up the field.

Throughout the month, participating students will hear from industry experts who will share career paths and secondary and post-secondary educational opportunities that can help students achieve their career goals. The health care programs at the Community College System of New Hampshire will also be featured.

The health care sector is one of New Hampshire’s main sectors, employing an average of 89,807 workers in the health care and social assistance industry sector in 2016, the second largest number of workers employed in private establishments, with an additional 5,000 employed by public establishments. The health care and social assistance sector is expected to grow by 16.6% between 2014 and 2024, which would add a projected 14,500 jobs to the workforce. This constitutes the highest percent employment increase projected for any industry sector. This expected growth necessitates an increased interest in sector careers, driving the need for NH Health Care Month.

Healthcare is one of five sectors that comprise the New Hampshire Sector Partner Initiative (SPI) and each sector will dedicate a month to activities related to career development within its focus area. NH SPI, is a collaborative, industry-led program that provides funding, training expertise and other resources to help companies within a growing industry sector collaborate on workforce development needs together.

Partnership opportunities for Health Care Month are still available.

About the New Hampshire Health Care Association

The New Hampshire Health Care Association is a membership organization representing health care providers who believe that all individuals served are entitled to a supportive environment in which professional and compassionate care is delivered. The Association and its member providers will advocate for individuals who require services in the health care continuum because of social needs, disability, trauma or illness, while also advocating for the health care provider. The Association will assume a leadership role in providing educations to caregivers. The Association will provide a supportive environment fostering creative study and innovation, will communicate standards of practice that reflect quality care, will promote self-esteem and dignity, and necessary and reasonable public policies, will influence society and government to invest in the well-being of those entrusted into their care, and will promote the highest levels of professional and ethical behavior.

About the Sector Partnerships Initiative

Roxie Severance, health care sector advisor

The Sector Partnerships Initiative (SPI) is a new industry-driven state-wide effort to help New Hampshire businesses in targeted industries address workforce needs. Focusing on five core industries – construction, health care, hospitality, manufacturing and technology – SPI assists companies in finding funding and training resources that provide employees with improved skills and career advancement opportunities. SPI also helps companies create a network to convene and collaborate with other companies on a regular basis to identify shared hiring, training and retention needs.

For more information, or to partner with the New Hampshire Health Care Association, contact Roxie Severance, health care sector advisor for SPI at or 603.733.6072. Learn more about the health care sector here.