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NH Manufacturing Month

By Zenagui Brahim | October 1, 2018
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In partnership with NH MEP, NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs, BIA, NHHTC, CCSNH, and NH DoE, SPI celebrates the manufacturing industry.

When: The month of October.

What: Manufacturers will show students “how cool manufacturing is and inform them of all the in-demand careers their field has to offer” by offering middle and high school students field trips to local manufacturers. Students can explore and ask questions, and employers have the opportunity to inspire the future workforce. CTEs and community colleges will also schedule open houses and show off programs and facilities.

NH Manufacturing Month Partners

What students are saying about their past visits to manufacturers:

“Very interesting to see how the facilities worked and how the machines all worked together to make the product.”

“The field trip was highly informative and interesting. It gave me a broad variety of different things manufactured right in our local area”

“The field trip was really great! I learned a lot and can honestly say it’s one of the best field trips that I’ve been on with the school.”

“It was eye-opening in the sense that I could be doing something like this in the future.”

Learn more: For more information or to get involved, contact Jill Duddy at 603.226.3200 or

DOWNLOAD: Manufacturing Month 2018 FLYER