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Relaunching Manufacturing and Machining at Nashua High School South

By Zenagui Brahim | May 9, 2018

The Revitalized Training Program Prepares Students for High-Paying High-Tech Jobs

Middle and high school students in Nashua and surrounding Southern New Hampshire towns have a new way to learn in-demand skills. New Hampshire’s manufacturing and high-tech machining businesses need more workers with these skills in order to continue growing.

After a three-year pause, the Nashua Technology Center Manufacturing/Machining Program is slated to relaunch its redesigned offerings this fall. This comes with enthusiastic support from city and state officials and area manufacturers. The plan was approved on April 30th by the Nashua Board of Education. Its launch is welcome news for students, business owners, and everyone working to create workforce development training opportunities.

Powered by student success

Adria Bagshaw photo

Adria Bagshaw, co-owner and VP of W.H. Bagshaw Company, Inc.

Adria Bagshaw, co-owner and vice president of W.H. Bagshaw Company, Inc. expressed support in a letter to the board of education.

“Our continued success depends on a pipeline of students who are prepared for a career in this highly demanded and high paying field,” said Bagshaw, who is also co-chair and sector champion for NH Sector Partnerships Initiative.  “We are prepared to support the Nashua CTE center through field trips, guest speakers, and career coaching.”

Bagshaw was joined by dozens of others rallying support for the important program. The initiative is currently supported by local and state funding and federal grants. Before the revitalized program will launch, however, officials will map how it will integrate with other career training centers and workforce development efforts already in place for middle school and high school students.

The NH Sector Partnership Initiative (SPI) has formally adopted the Nashua Technology Center Manufacturing Program and is committed to seeing its success benefit New Hampshire manufacturers and students. SPI will serve as a member of Nashua High School South’s Machining/Manufacturing Program advisory board to provide advice and guidance on the development of curriculum, instructor training, and will facilitate collaboration between industry partners and the school.

Next steps for the program

This fall, 12 students are already enrolled in the new program. School administration enthusiastically supporting the initiative. Middle school teachers and administrators are committed to exposing younger students to the opportunities and appeal of working in manufacturing. A new instructor is soon to be named to teach manufacturing-focused courses, as well as a Computers in Machining course, with additional courses added based on training needs. The new instructor will receive training from Nashua Community College. Associate Professor Mark Dodge will bring him or her up to speed on lab equipment operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.

“The Nashua Technology Center is the exact type of partnership that the SPI manufacturing sector needs to develop workforce solutions,” said Phil Przybyszewski, the workforce solutions project director for SPI. “By partnering with secondary school CTE programs and the participation of leading industry companies, graduates are able to hit the ground running after completing training that applies across multiple specialties.”

The manufacturing industry in New Hampshire

There are currently 70,000 jobs in manufacturing across the state, with 37 percent of those in Hillsborough County. Entry level machinists and technicians in the manufacturing sector can earn more than $18 an hour to start, which jumps to between $21 and $31 per hour with experience.

To find out how you can be part of New Hampshire’s manufacturing success, get involved with SPI or learn about training opportunities, visit the manufacturing sector page.